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A Quick and Dirty Review of Netflix’s “Bright”


I happened to check out the new Netflix movie Bright today, and was pleasantly surprised! An Urban Fantasy buddy cop flick about a human/orc cop duo in an alternate LA, it was a solid, if flawed series with great characters and potential for a kickass sequel. Below is a “quick n’ dirty” review of the film, though I may return for a proper one later. Debating whether or not to watch the Will Smith/Orc Buddy Cop movie? Here’s my 2 cents on why you should give it a go!

This is one of those pleasant film surprises that comes around every once in a blue moon. Like, you heard your friends talk about a movie where a stoner looses his rug and you think, “oh well, that sounds like crap.” And then surprise! It’s The Big Lewboski and it’s just kind of weirdly, inexplicably awesome. I mean, it shouldn’t work, and yet somehow…it just does. And you just roll with it because it’s that fun.

That’s kind of the way I feel about Bright. It’s a really weird concept, like something you’d see as a gag in The Simpsons.  “Hey, Will Smith is in a buddy cop movie and his partner’s an Orc!” Crazy, right? And yet I found it not only liked it, but really liked it. I mean it’s not Empire Strikes Back or Lawrence of Arabia, but it was fun, dang it.

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