No “Shield Hero” Watch-Through this Week

So I’ve been fairly busy, and some family stuff’s come up that takes precedence over my blogging. While I said I’d try to cover Shield Hero on a weekly basis, I may have to condense a few episodes into one week’s post. “Filo” and Episode 6’s post will be up next week, assuming more stuff doesn’t pop up.

That said, I’m genuinely surprised at how many people are ready my ROTSH coverage, and I’ll be covering the whole season for sure. Because this isn’t an anime blog however, I’m going to be doing a different watch-through, or possibly a read-through. Either the Conan films and shorts, The Black Company, or John Carter of Mars.

I will return to Light Novels/J-LitRPG in the future though, either with the Overlord or Log Horizon books, so look forward to that it you like anime. Finally, if you’re regular fantasy fan consused about all the weeb stuff I’ve been posting on my blog, I will be covering last year’s SPFBO more.


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