Beware the Lord of the Cavern! My First Short Story is Up…


So a while back (around 3 years I think…) I wrote a short horror story called “Lord of The Cavern” based on a dream a friend of mine had. The dream centered around a shape-shifting creature in a cave or grotto that asked him a bizarre question:

“Tell me your achievements, for it will make you more appetizing.”

This struck me as such a weird thing to ask. Like, what does it mean by achievements? And why wouldn’t it just eat you? And where was the grotto? Even though it was strange, I felt like there was enough to go on to make a story. And well…I did! I’m not sure why I made it a historical story in the end, though Lovecraftian was the first thing that came to mind when adapting the dream. And well, after hours of editing, here it is!

I decided to try out this “Royal Road” site, even though it seems like it’s more of a LitRPG/anime light novel platform. But hey, I do enjoy those from time to time (Log Horizon is good) and anything that lets people read my work is good in my book. If you want to check it out, the link’s below. I’d really appreciate it if you left a starred review as well! Every little bit of feedback/ratings helps me in a huge way.

Special thanks to author Paul Lavender, who acted as my “British Inspector,” making sure everything was period-appropriate and English enough. You can check out his Amazon page here (he was in the Blackest Knights anthology too, along with some other excellent authors!).

Anyway, here’s the short. I sincerely hope you all enjoy it, though be warned. There are some pretty intense and horrific themes in there.


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