So I Found Dragon Ball Z Vol.1 at my Friends of the Library…


So…Dragon Ball Fighter Z came out recently, and it seems the internet’s abuzz with DB fever! Though I didn’t get the game, I did find a small piece of OG Dragon Ball media in the form of a manga volume at my local Friends of the Library.

This is the first volume of the “Dragon Ball Z” manga, which is really just Dragon Ball Vol. 17 in Japan, if I remember correctly. It pretty much starts right off where the anime started, with Goku’s brother and gutter trash tier character imposing bad guy Raditz showing up.


Honestly, I’m kind of shocked at how good the art is here. It looks just like the DBZ anime’s playing out in my hands! Except it’s bit more clean, expressive, punchy…and violent.

Anyway, it was a good read! I’m kind of tempted to do an in-depth post about the connection between DBZ and early American pulp fiction, because as my other posts might infer, I dig me some pulps.


Weirdly enough, I also found Maus there, which was every bit as harrowing and sad a story as it’s made out to be. Everyone and their dog knows that though, and there’s really not much I can add to the conversation. It is kind of funny to think how utterly opposite DBZ and Maus are stylistically, though. One’s a sketchy family tale about a holocaust survivor…and the other’s a clean, sharply-detailed funnybook about martial artists firing laser beams at aliens.

It goes without saying, I quite enjoyed both though.

7 thoughts on “So I Found Dragon Ball Z Vol.1 at my Friends of the Library…

  1. kingdylbag13

    ‘honestly, I’m kind of shocked at how good the art is here. It looks just like the DBZ anime.’

    Bro, the anime is based on the manga. The anime looks like the manga.


    1. Martin J. Ashwood Post author

      I meant it really did feel like an anime unfolding in my hands. It feels so crisp and kinetic!

      Some anime/manga don’t feel at all like each other though. The One Piece adaptation feels really slow, while the comic is super fast and action-packed. And Beserk the manga feels different to both adaptations. It really is unadaptable in the best of ways.


      1. Martin J. Ashwood Post author

        My favorite manga is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run. The art is gorgeous, the western shonen theme is unique, and the fights are tense and epic. Johnny is best JoJo, and Gyro is the best JoBro. Also worth noting that I DIG the JoJo show. Stranger Things and DiU tied for my top shows of 2016, but I think DiU came out on top eventually.

        Then Berserk, mostly me keeping up with later chapters as they (excruciatingly slowly) come out. And Dragon Ball, starting with the volume I found. Own some digital volumes of One Piece, and have read The Promised Neverland as well, which is PATRICIAN. And Pop Team Epic, which is just precious.

        Also read the Kingdom Hearts manga when I was younger and it wasn’t bad. And of course, I’d occaisonally leaf through WSJ, so I’d get glimpses of Naruto and Slam Dunk or whatever else was available.


      2. kingdylbag13

        Oh yeah, im on part 3 of the JoJo’s anime. I’m going to be buying the manga soon. You should check out my manga collection post on my blog and you’ll see some of what I’ve read


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