An Update + Readin’ Blackwing!


The year’s barely started, and already it’s nuts…

So just a quick update going into next month. Very soon I’ll be starting work on another draft of my Hispanic-flavored epic fantasy novel. Expect some writing-related posts vaguely related to whatever might be on my mind at the time.

Another thing that’s literally keeping me up at night, slowly turning me into some kind of shriven lich bothering me somewhat is publishing, agents and all that jazz. Now obviously I’m a bit of a ways away from all that, but as someone who likes to plan ahead, listening to people’s wildly different opinions is agonizing.

Trad Pub Chad will swear by the system, say it’s the best deal in terms of editing, covers, and all that jazz. And he’s right. Hands-down, in fact.

But then Indie Pub Cindy comes along, says that she sold eight billion copies on Kindle and makes TOP DOSon the platform, is demonstrably more popular than Chad, and to top it all off, other Trad Pub Chads (and I’m talking big dogs) have flat-out personally told me indie is the future…provided you can get noticed among the crowds. And they’re also right.

Honestly, this is one of those topics that only gets more confusing the more I research it. There’s a real good article on the state of the publishing industry here from a veteran of it. Really worth a read if like me, you find this stuff endlessly frustrating/fascinating.

Oh, and Ed McDonald’s Blackwing kind of kicks ass. It’s got that weird old-school fantasy vibe that the Elric books have, but feels real fresh and modern to boot. It also doesn’t at all feel like someone’s D&D campaign, which is really nice and refreshing. Buy it, or the Baba Yaga will shank you while you sleep. I haven’t even finished it, but I seriously doubt my opinion will change at all.

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