A Writer’s Resolutions for 2018 (and Beyond!)


2018 is gonna be an interesting year for me. The latter half of 2017 was focused on writing (and eventually discarding) drafts of books I plan on finishing and releasing this year. I also finished a short story I submitted to the Shards Noblebright Anthology, and am awaiting a final answer on that front.

My Writing Resolutions for This Year

First off is get a damn novel finished. Heck, maybe two. I have this terrible habit of getting burnt out on books or outlines and playing single-player mental ping-pong as I bounce ideas back and forth. Last year I attempted to solve this issue by tying the projects I was working on into a single setting, so if I get burnt out on one thing, I’d still be fleshing out the larger world.

At some point, the ping-pong match needs to end, and thus I will be finishing up a book this year out of two outlines I’m currently working on. It might require me to glue my feet to the floor, or some other self-imposed, Misery-esque shenanigans, but come hell or high water I’m finishing it.

I also plan on working on a  few additional anthology shorts to get my name out there. Some of my comics shorts will be coming out, but I aim to supplement them with prose (mostly fantasy) works. I’ve had a few ideas regarding a fantasy hero inspired by crime vigilante fiction like The Shadow, and if I’ve made anything at all clear from prior blog posts, it’s that I dig the pulps. A crime fiction sword-and-sorcery narrative would be pretty sweet, and I may explore those themes on some level this year.

My Other Resolutions

All in all, they’re pretty bog-standard and boring. I started exercising more at the latter end of last year and it felt great. Also ditched coffee and most refined sugars, except for the occasional cookie that looked really sexy. So ditto for that. Some people might say something like “lean to cook,” but my chefing’s already at a decent level. I can make Pita Bread and pizza that people swear is better than the restaurant, so I dunno. Learn to play the violin? Or MMA Lucha Libre? I mean if I had to pick either of those, I’d definitely pick the latter.

My goal is to keep all that good stuff up, do more of it and feel even better. Oh, and watch more King of the Hill. Because nothing keeps the good vibes up like propane and propane accessories.

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